The AWE Project

Moments of Contemplation

Moments of Contemplation

An exercise in contemplation. A request for daily gratitude. An opportunity to consciously step into your soul and be inspired.

This video is more than text & photos, more than just lights and sound. This is energy at work. Designed with intuition and guidance, infused with Divine love and light. Speak the words; See the images; Feel the love. Awaken to your power.

Taking the time to meditate regularly has many proven benefits in all areas of our lives including: physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual wellness. The key to meditation is being in the Now. To being present with your surroundings.

When you are truly present, in the now, you can only feel the positive emotion of love. Because when you are truly present, issues or problems in your life are either in the future or in past both of which are simple illusions.

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