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Love means so many different things to people.

During Valentines, we tend to talk a little more about Love and we take the time to celebrate those in our lives that we love and cherish. We need to remember however, that Love is actually part of our DNA, we come from a place of pure unconditional love; our soul knows this.

Often life tends to beat us up a bit, things get hectic and we forget this truth. We get tangled up in being something for everyone else in our lives, and we forget about loving ourselves.

So take some time over the next few days to do something nice for yourself. Let yourself know how much you Love you. It's not conceded, or vain, it's actually quite healthy to express self love but it can fell kind of strange.

If we take a page directly from Lousie Hays teachings, try looking in a mirror and say directly to yourself "I love you." If you have never done before, try it, it can stir up all kinds of strange emotions.

But why does it? We tell our spouse, family members and friends, that we love them, we do it all the time, so why does it feel icky to tell yourself.

It really is a cool thing to love ourselves first, so take the time to tell yourself, and really mean it. You will be glad you did.

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