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Twinkle Your Twinkle

Walk into the world like the stage was built for you, because in effect; it was. 

You are the keeper of the light; the light that is yours. A light that inspires others the moment you let it shine.  You are the light of love, the light of the divine, the light of the eternal that never dims. Your light, like a star in the evening sky, is there for all to see.  Your light is a unique and special manifestation of you.  So let it shine.

A star does not say to itself..."well I am not going to shine tonight, just look around, there are so many billion of us, why would I shine?  I will just be lost amongst all the other stars."

Each star brings its own light, its own beacon of beauty to the night sky.  It takes every one blinking their brilliance to be the magnificent creation that is the night sky.  Without  all of them, shining their own individual twinkle then it simply would not be.

Each tree in the forest is as spectacular a creation as the one standing next to it.  No single acorn has more potential  than the one lying next to it, each ones contain a myriad of mighty oaks.  The ocean is made up of droplets, more droplets than are fathomable to count;  but they each add to the whole of what is in order for it to be. So too, must your brilliance shine onto this world.  

So often, we look at ourselves as not having much to offer because…someone is already doing this or that...and so it may be. But we each shine our light in our own unique way.  You have a twinkle that is a little brighter.  Someone else's twinkle is a little to the left and maybe her light is a fast twinkle.  His twinkle has so little twinkle that it can be best described as a glow.  Whatever the case, you must let your light shine.  Why?  Because without it, regardless of how you feel, without your light, this world is a little darker .  And God knows, this earth can use every pixel it can muster.

So go ahead let your light shine.  There is joy in the beam...and someone, somewhere is enjoying the twinkle that is you.

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Mar 18, 2015 • Posted by Marion

This is fantastic writing…in the words of Alan Doyle…“shine on”…one of my favourite songs!!

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