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Time to Show Up.

I write this with a pen.  Ink on paper.  A pure unencumbered connection between my conscience (non manifest) and the paper (the manifest) .  What was only a thought is now a real tangible element, that translated through language, can be shared, contemplated and built upon.  This is the miracle of creation.

I have been an architectural draftsperson for the past 24 years.  During that time I have designed over 1000 individual residences and been involved with hundreds of commercial  projects.  The drawings I create are developed  in many ways.  An architect may provide me with design sketches, the homeowner may have sketched out the concept themselves or they may provide a combination of other plans gleamed from here and there. Occasionally, I actually design the house from scratch.  A blank piece of paper, I draw a series of lines and presto, a house plan that never before existed is now a reality.

Regardless of how the plan came to be, lets now give the plan to a builder.  The contractor will work with a series of trades people and manipulate the building materials to coincide with the design and working drawings to actually assemble the building or the home into existence.  No, the process is not perfect often there are compromises along the way.  The design may be flawed, the budget may force changes or local codes, rules or other regulations may create obstacles or even the selection of building materials may alter the final outcome from the original design. The end result is however, is a functional structure that will serve the purpose of the original intention.

This same process holds true for all aspects of our lives.  We think it. We create a plan to get it.  We execute the plan.  Adjust for changes along the way.  And you wind up with the end result.  It all starts with a thought.  Everything starts with a thought.  So you create and build and shape - your body, your relationships,  your businesses, your finances and every other aspect of your life through a series of thoughts. 

You are responsible for your life therefore you can create the exact life you choose.  You are 100% able to control your life's response.  You are response-able.   You are too fat, lose weight.  You are broke, go earn some money.  You are single and want a relationship, go find that person.  You get to choose.  You are response-able.

Sure you say; easy to say - not so easy to do.  But that's the story you tell yourself.   Pick an area of your life you are happy with, say , for example, you are athletic.  You love sports, you play all the time, your body is lean and fit.  You show up for it fully, wholly and committed.  It's easy to be that way because it's who you are being.  It doesn't not take any effort, you can't fail, it just is.  It is who you are being. So the trick is to translate that approach to being in all aspects of your life.

Show up for it fully, completely, with self integrity and that area of your life has no choice but to work equally as well as the fitness bit.  Just be whoever it is that you need to be for the area of your life that you need to fix.  Who are you being?  It's time to show up!


Apr 09, 2015 • Posted by Tonya

Awesome blog Glen! I love the context and so easy to to relate to. I often use a technique to “get in state” for area’s that I don’t love to do… i.e. … house work (haha) but I get in state and make it more fun doing just what I would do to get ready for an awesome workout! Great way to explain it :)

Apr 08, 2015 • Posted by Lori

Wow! Great post…I love it!

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