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Brain injury survivor says thank you to those who saved her life

On June 14, 2015, the 10th anniversary of the bicycle accident that nearly took her life, Leslie Bridger is hosting a “Celebration of Life Thank You Extravaganza” at Fantasy Farm to thank the doctors, nurses, EMS workers, fire fighters, and others who not only saved her life, but also helped her to heal.


Her story began on June 14, 2005 when Leslie was riding her bicycle down Pottery Road. A witness said they saw her front wheel shake, hit a pothole and then Leslie was thrown over the handlebars, landing on her face and head, cracking her helmet. She was fortunate that Dr. Michael Ford of Sunnybrook was passing by – he stopped and kept her alive while waiting for emergency services to arrive. She suffered a traumatic brain injury, underwent brain surgery and was kept in a drug induced coma for days.


When the doctors knew she would live, she was taken out of the coma and her friends and family were told that due to the severity of her injury she would probably not be able to function and they would have to care for her for the rest of her life. But knowing Leslie, they knew she would be much better than expected.


A photographer and motivational speaker, Leslie underwent five months of rehab and even gave a talk at Toronto Rehab barely three months after her accident. Today, Leslie is one of the co-founders of The AWE Project, and is known as the Wizard of Awe. The mission of this project is to “Awaken Wellness Everywhere” by helping people appreciate all they have and get more out of their lives before an unexpected traumatic injury or illness forces them to stop or slow down.


Leslie now lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland and will be in Toronto from June 10 to June 24 for the event. This is a private event, by invitation only, however media are invited to attend – please contact Leslie at (416) 778-5214 or  Leslie is also available for phone or in-person interviews.

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