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No Time Like the Present

In a time of change and flux we must learn to appreciate that which we cannot see and celebrate all that we can.   I will compare this statement to taking a walk in the woods.  You can see the leaves, bushes, trees and plants, hear the birds, smell the foliage and experience all that surrounds you. 

What we cannot see is the amount of life energy truly at work here.  Just about everything is alive, or was at some point.  Even the soil is full of microbes and decaying  organic matter.  Also the space is full of insects, small mammals, reptiles, fish and tiny organisms, tucked just under the visible surface undetectable by our raw senses.   The complexity of any eco-system is bubbling with energy.  The sheer quantity of life force in a square kilometer of  forest is unfathomable.

Abundance is all around us.  Streams teem with fish, trees have countless leaves, blades of grass by the millions collaborate to form blankets over rolling knolls of earth.  We do not understand the true nature of abundance present on this planet nor can we comprehend the infinity of the enveloping cosmos.  Whether our study is of the infinitely large or the infinitesimally small, no boundaries exist.  We are limited by our ability to comprehend.

How many evergreen needles are in the forest? How many water droplets in the ocean? How many birds grace the trees? How many breaths are in our atmosphere?  How many grains of sand are on the beach?   The answers to these questions are beyond our comprehension , but we have some delusional idea that we are in touch with our world. That our senses feed us adequate doses of reality that allow us to control our surroundings, yet we can barely comprehend the complexity of what lies just outside our own front door.  It is a wonder we can function at all.

If, in this pondering, we accept our inability to wrap logic around the concept of infinity, then we must also accept that the essence of our natural surroundings is, in and of itself, infinite.  

It is all a grand design, here for you and me to enjoy, share and wonder about.  This life truly is about joy.  Not about accumulating stuff, filled with bling, fling and cling that we so often interpret as important. 

Life, as we know it, is remarkably finite. We absolutely have a limited number of days here on earth; so enjoy this one.  Share a little.  Laugh a little.  Dance a little.  Love a little.

It is time to stop trying so hard to control the illusion we call reality and just accept it for the gift it is. Be still, be free, better yet just be... after all, the present is a present for the present.


Smile a Smile.


Smile a little smile

                As you stroll on down the street,

Dance a little dance

                To awaken happy feet.

Sing a little song

                And put some joy down in your heart

Love a little love

                And enjoy a bigger part.

Play a little play

                As you share in hearty fun

Eat a little treat

                Like some chocolate or a bun.

Pray a little prayer

                And be grateful for it all

Hug a little hug

                And let all your troubles fall.

Jump a little joy

                For those that you hold dear,

Be a little brave

                When faced with pain or fear.

Feel a little feeling

                Deep with your soul,

Share a little sharing

                It'll make you true and whole.

So smile a little smile

                As you stroll on down the street,

And you'll hope a little hope

                Into everyone you meet.


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