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Celebration of Life Thank You Extravaganza Part II

On June 14, 2005  Leslie Bridger almost died in a bicycle accident. The accident that almost killed her, left Leslie with a traumatic brain injury and severe damage to the left side of her body.  At one point, her family was told Leslie would likely have to be looked after for the rest of her life;  that she may never function in society again. 

Leslie is so grateful to not only be alive but also functioning above and beyond most people's expectations that she takes the time every year to celebrate this date, referring to the day as her re-birth day.  It's her way of expressing gratitude for life. 

This year, 2015, on the tenth anniversary of her accident, Leslie decided to throw a Celebration of Life Extravaganza to officially and publicly celebrate and honour the many unsung heroes  who contributed to her recovery and helped give her her life back. 

And what a celebration it was!  There were 35 people in attendance including: 

The physician who happened by moments after the accident to provide life saving first aid, the firefighter first on the scene, the paramedics who accompanied her to the hospital, the neurosurgeon who performed her brain surgery, doctors, therapists and others that administered care.  And, of course, her family and friends. 

Here is the link to the video that was shown at the Celebration of Life Event.  Part 1 is the story of the accident told by the actual people who were there, that responded to the humanity of a tragedy.  The people who felt they were just doing their job, when in fact they were saving a life. 

In addition to one of Leslie's heartfelt hugs, everyone honoured at the event also received a copy of the 'Into Your Hands' Poemography Creation.  This piece was written by Glen Rose, Sage of Creation at The AWE Project, specifically for this purpose. 

Here is the follow-up video which shows event highlights. 


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