The AWE Project

Open the Jar


We are either spiritual beings having a human experience or human beings having a spiritual experience. Either way, here in this space we call physical reality we rely on our senses to feed us information...see touch, hear, smell and taste. As we all know, there is so much more around us that our senses cannot detect, x-rays, infra red, gamma rays, sounds beyond our range, the list is virtually endless. So, in fact, we are living in an illusion, we only experience a very small part of the true spectrum of 'reality.' When we open our minds to the possibility of more, to a larger part of us, to our intuition, our emotions and our imagination we see that there is much more at work here - a complete new world. By exploring this side of who we truly are, we begin to unleash what the real world has bottled up inside us. It's time to open the jar.

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