The AWE Project

Tap Into the Flow

Bounce  - Echo - Ricochet. 

Energy is all around in a never ending dance.  It is the  focus of all life.  It is the very juice that drives our society, our environment and our hearts. 

The energy of life, of source, of all that is.  You , me, the trees, the birds , the leaves, the clouds & the wind; all of it is energy.  Bouncing to and fro.  Vibrating at varying frequencies.  Setting our senses in motion, igniting our emotions , exciting our bodies in a myriad of sensory manipulation.  Pouring over us.  Giving us a perception - our perceived view of the world.

But our connection, our jump-start cables, to this fluid dance of light and heat;  to this flow of current -  it must be maintained.  Our connection must be nurtured and polished.  This connection is the lifeblood of our creation, of our originality, of our very personality, of who we are but more importantly of who we are becoming. 

You must soak it up. Get ready to ignite your intuition, your reason for being. 

Let this energy fill you with gratitude, beauty and peace.  With love and joy and faith.  It is here for you, here in unlimited quantities, here for you to tap into.  Put it into good use.

Do not let yourself saunter along under your own 'steam.'  Make use of this flow, of this current of creation that cradles you along the path of your life's journey.  Feel it guide you.  Feel it hold you.  Feel it penetrate the essence of who you are.

Let it be.  Let it be you; and let your self be it.


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